Viewmont Diner – An Oasis

The Viewmont Diner is an Oasis. Or maybe a beachfront.

But looks more like a foodies Alamo. A last stand. Surrounded. Pounded on all sides by the most recognizable chain restaurants. Facing down a McDonald’s and a Burger King and separated from the Denny’s by a Long John Silvers, the Viewmont Diner is a beacon for fresh delicious food.

Map: The Viewmont Diner

Why Go: The Food! Any time of day, ask about the specials, share a dessert. Breakfast.

Address: 448 Scranton Carbondale Highway  Scranton, PA 18508, (570) 558-1771


Fries are crunchy and hot everytime
Chicken Caesar Wrap with Fries.

The wraps are popular with my crew, Veggie and Chicken Caesar are go to varieties. Tasty.

Dropped in the middle of the most commercial shopping and dining for 50 miles the Viewmont Diner holds it’s ground with flavor, variety and thankfully, dessert. If you are in the Dickson City Pa shopping area this is the place to grab a slice of cheesecake or pie. Go just for dessert if you can. The perfect end to a long day shopping.

Veggie Wrap with fries -
A nice touch for the health nut travelling with you. They’ll order this three times in a row when you go back, it’s that good.

Run by a local Greek family the Viewmont Diner is in the tradition of Northeast Greek Diners. Anyone that has traveled extensively through the Pennsylvania, the Finger Lakes region, Upstate New York and north will give witness to the pervasiveness of diners run by Greeks. Wandering around an unfamiliar region and stumbling across a Greek Diner of this caliber is like, well, finding an oasis.

The Viewmont Diner does justice to the format. Generous portions, housemade food, freshly prepared and desserts you need a special trip for. The desserts are so special they will get their own post. And I guess breakfast, eventually.

The local paper has a nice write-up on this place. I will be referring to their work often in this blog, since it’s well done, linkable and let’s me avoid the “just the facts” requirements of this writing experiment.

The soups and sauces are housemade and delicious. Of course the menu is chock-full of Greek specialties, Gyro’s and Greek Salads are excellent if you need that fix. Try the Gyro as a wrap. Here’s a sad picture of the Gyro wrap, I’ll need to go get a better one (yeah!).

Gyro Wrap - go get one
The wrap is a cool riff on the traditional Gyro. The pita version is excellent also.

Just for good measure I am going to end this post with one of the menu items my wife and kids try to stop me from eating. The Steak and Cheese Panini. Steak, cheese, panini-ed. Wonderful.

Fries support the Steak and Cheese Panini
A large plate of food. The Steak and Cheese Panini is to be savored.

The portions are so generous it’s not practical to add a dessert, unless you take home Cheesecake for later. If you’re passing through and have found this place order a slice of something for the table and share, if you can decide on which one to get.


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