Farm Fresh – Scranton, Pa

Scranton is a small town as things go. The local farmers market is the perfect fit for the city. Tucked away behind tight streets a few blocks from the downtown the Scranton Cooperative Farmer’s market is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays mid-July through the day before Thanksgiving. It is a perfect stop on your way home if you are working downtown.

The market highlights just how close Scranton is to farmland. Farmer’s and their families staff their stands. Produce is same day fresh and the variety reflects only what’s ready for harvest.

Scranton Co-op market
The haul – go if you are visiting Scranton

It’s not the biggest market. If you live in a larger city there’s probably a place with more variety where you live. But here in Scranton this market does just fine, thank you. It’s less than 15 minutes from anywhere in the city and I make the trip two or three times a week in season. No stocking up on the day-to-day items like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce – stopping by for the beans or cauliflower for dinner is the norm.

Crowds move through quickly and parking is easy
Stop by after work or if you are visiting friends in the area.

Specialty vendors selling bread, pastries, jellies, honey and a butcher round out the selection. All worth trying and discovering delicious gems. Grab some apple cider, snack on cider donuts or a candy apple – all made fresh for the day. If you’re in town and searching for something special – search out the butcher stand for their liverwurst or bologna, a real treat that only comes to town in the summer.



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