Zaleski’s Clubhouse – You wish you were here

Zaleski’s is one of those places you wish you lived near. The friendly staff and casual atmosphere makes this the perfect place to relax and enjoy a few cold beers with friends.

Map: Zaleski’s Clubhouse Cafe

Why go: The wings! Housemade Pierogies and Potato Pancakes


The perfect side for wings!
Zaleski’s Housemade Pierogies, deep fried and delicious!

Tucked away in Scranton’s Southside the place looks like just another house in the neighborhood. When we pulled up there were few cars outside, the bar was packed. It was obvious that the neighbors all enjoy living near Zaleski’s.

Like so many special places in Scranton, Zaleski’s is in what looks like a converted home. Decades ago many families ran a restaurant, store, butcher shop or bar on the first  floor of their home and lived above it. You might miss it driving by and feel funny just walking in if you are not familiar with the style of establishment. Go in, you’ll love it.

The bar gets crowded but the dinning area has ample seating for several groups. (They also list a party room on their website I did not checkout. Call, ask if you need it.)

If you are from Scranton and visiting from where you live now, take your local friends and family to Zaleski’s. Relax, share some wings, pizza, pierogies and catch up on old times. Rediscover those Canadian beers you drank in high school.

Crispy and just the right seasoning - man'o'man
Zaleski’s Caesar Garlic Wings, a special treat.

I recommend ordering plates for the table and sharing so you can sample as much of the menu as possible on your first trip. The Caesar Garlic Wings are amazing, hot crispy morsels of chicken goodness you’ll love. The Buffalo style are tasty with a sauce you need to mop up with something.

I am declaring the Deep Fried Pierogie the ultimate side for any wings. Zaleski’s are housemade and perfect. Dense potato, golden dough, masterpieces. Nothing is more suited for sopping up leftover wing sauce from the plate or your fingers. Never eat Deep Fried Pierogies with a knife and fork.

Don’t leave out the housemade pizza. The steak and cheese pizza was delicious, so was the plain. Again, six slices in the personal round is perfect to share with friends. Try a variety you may not get everyday. Every pizza place in Scranton has a hot wing pizza, boneless chicken and wing sauce on pizza. I did not try theirs on this trip, so I am going back to Zaleski’s

Onomahuna baby!

Steak and cheese makes great pizza, this is good stuff.
Zaleski’s Steak and Cheese Pizza is a trip through a happy place. Eat slow, enjoy the moment.

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