Coney Island in business in this basement since 1923

Coney Island Texas Lunch

Scranton’s Texas Wieners are famous. Why Texas? Why Coney Island? What’s in the names? There is a story to discover ask about it when you visit.

The landmark Coney Island Texas Lunch has been grilling split wieners for hungry Scrantonians since 1923.

Map: Coney Island Lunch

Why Go: Experience Scranton’s famous Texas Wieners, a local favorite. Get your fries with Gravy.


Coney Island Lunch - by the bridge, Scranton, Pa.
Coney Island Lunch – Entrance down the hill by the back alley, service in the basement.

Until about two years ago they had only Texas Wieners, Texas  Hamburgers and Fries on their menu. They have added a few items lately, a fish sandwich, a Cheesesteak, you’ll have to let me know how those are. If you check out their menu online one-sixth of the menu is “Chips, by the bag”.

Chopped onions are the only option that falls under the  popular food group VegetablesNo salads here. Don’t bring your Vegan girlfriend and her sister here for lunch. You will be eating meat.

So let me break it down for your first visit. You need to order two Texas Wieners and one order of fries with gravy. That’s it, this will run you less than eight bucks (American) or about an hours pay. If you have been here before explore the menu, get nuts and order one  Texas Wiener with whatever else you sample.

Texas Wiener from Scranton's Coney Island
Texas Wieners are so popular in Scranton no one cares how messy they are. As with anything worth pursuing in life, you’re likely to get a little on you.

The Wiener. In Scranton Wiener’s are Gutheinz, split for flat-top grilling and a perfect fit on the all purpose rolls from National Bakery, another Scranton landmark. The rolls and prep are critical here. A.)Split wiener B.)National Bakery roll C.)Brown mustard. Onions optional. D.) Wiener Sauce.

About D sauce, it’s confused with chili, by folks that don’t know chili. And I don’t think anyone from Texas would stake a claim to it. It is a condiment made from meat and spices. Here’s where all the places around town make their claims. Good Texas Wiener joints make their own sauce, all very secret recipes. This Coney Island’s is excellent. How many places serve Texas Wieners in Scranton? Might be two dozen, a few in business since the 1920’s.

Soft buns work here, many become one
Split those wieners. Sauce and mustard blend with onions.

In Scranton we eat our fries with gravy. Everywhere. Fries should be ordered with gravy. If the staff asks if you want gravy on your fries in Scranton, you say “Yes, please”. No exceptions.

Fries with gravy are a staple in the electric city
Fries with gravy are normal in the Electric City. Get some if you are here. Most places worth eating at serve them.

The gravy is always a thick beefish sauce, every place makes their own signature gravy. The gravy at Coney Island is dark and delicious. The consistency is perfect for clinging to the fries, but expect to get some on you. It will look good next to the Wiener Sauce.

Once you get some Texas Wieners and Fries with Gravy at Coney Island Texas Lunch on Cedar Ave in Scranton, Pa. you will have some understanding of the people who live here. Buy a mug or  T-shirt on the way out.

Onomahuna baby!

Oh yeah this is the place by the bridge. Need some Texas Wieners? Call and get them shipped to you!

A few blocks from Steamtown Railroad, get a Texas Wiener
Lackawanna Railroad Bridge. Park under it if you came down the hill.
Coney Island in business in this basement since 1923
Since 1923 Coney Island has been selling two main items – Wieners and Burgers.

3 thoughts on “Coney Island Texas Lunch

  1. My sister missed those wieners so much she had them delivered to her in Florida! Your photos are wonderful and clear and so detailed that my stomach is growling. I think I’ll be making a lunch run!

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