Pappas ten inch pan pizza

Pizza by Pappas

Pappas has been serving hungry Scrantonians since 1971. Lunch is a busy time here Monday through Friday. Seats are packed with happy customers, there’s a line for pick up (short usually) and the deliveries move out at a good clip. There were 9 people behind the counter taking orders and cooking food on my last visit. They keep up with the rush and Pappas runs like a well oiled machine seven days a week.

Map: Pizza by Pappas

Why Go: Voted Best Cheese Steak in the county. Also Best Original Pizza, Best Hoagies, and Best place to dine with kids. The pizza is amazing.


A landmark joint, right off the town square
Pappas is the go to lunch spot for Scranton’s downtown workforce.

Ordering is at the counter and you’ll get a number. Everybody gets a number; it’s how they keep the food moving. Known for their pizza and hoagies Pappas offers a full spread of soups, salads and sandwiches. The menu can be found here. So let me break it down for you.

The Pizza comes in one size. Ten inch tray. Why is it a tray? It just is, get over it. One size. Big enough to share, delicious enough to not. Three trays for four people is enough to consider a nap after. Built in a ten inch pan that looks like it should hold layers for a birthday cake the pizza takes on a few unique features. If you are a fan of pizza you need to try this version. Here’s a more in-depth review of the pizza.

The pizza starts with a fresh dough, gets a layer of well-balanced sauce and a layer of cheddar cheese. Yes, cheddar. It’s what you smelled when you walked in or walked by leaving the parking garage. Pappas is conveniently  placed on the ground floor in one of the few parking garages in Scranton. Easy access.

The dough becomes a crunchy pan crust while the cheese at the edge bakes to an addicting crispy finish. Toppings are cooked on the pizza (unlike some places) giving meats a chance to melt into the cheese and veggies a nice roasted touch. One last thing to know, bacon works so well as a topping here you may never get it anywhere else. If you’ve never had bacon on pizza this is the place to try it, and I need to ask why you’ve’ read this far?         Bacon, sausage and mushroom, get one.

Pappas bakes the toppings, nice flavor from the heat!
Pappas’ slices sausage for their award winning pizza. Hot ovens add flavor dimensions you’ll love.
Pappas ten inch pan pizza
Pappas has been baking pan pizzas for 40 years in downtown Scranton, Pa. Voted best original pizza.

There is a full menu at Pappas. Salads, sandwiches, soups (call for what soups are cooking). Fries, appetizers, even wings. A wide selection that never gets boring. I always get the pizza, always. I have had most of their hoagies, usually as a piece in trade for a slice of whatever pizza masterpiece I ordered. It’s important to share, order a variety and everybody gets a taste.

At Pappas the hoagies are Grinders. They make your grinder and slide it in the oven to heat just enough, the shredded lettuce will let you know all about the pizza oven. Yes the whole thing takes a pass through the oven. You will like this, they do it right. It adds a crunch to the roll and some flavor dimensions but the meat and cheese are cold (except on the top) on a warm bun if you eat in. Good food.

Hoagies are Grinders at Pappas
Hoagies are Grinders at Pappas. Heated in the pizza oven for just bit, but long enough for the lettuce to know what this place is all about.

Luckily Grinders are big enough to share a piece with someone who ordered a pizza. Trade a piece for a slice or just dive in and have a variety. You’ll find three generations sharing their meal at Pappas and the place jumps with activity around meal times. And since the city is easy access from I-81 you have no excuses to keep driving by.

Onomahuna baby!

P.S. Check this out for tips on the photos.

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