Greek Food Festival 2014

This year’s Greek  Food Festival started yesterday and runs through Saturday, June 7th.

Get there if you are anywhere near downtown Scranton, it is worth stopping in for the food. Here’s a map if you need directions.

Sweet and delicious

I’ve written about this festival before. You can check out an earlier post on this festival here. It’s one of my first blog posts.

This year I want to highlight the sweets. Greek pastries are exceptional, the church community does a spectacular job showcasing the best of the best. Take home some pastries.

Greek desserts
Pastries on display.

We sampled Baklava, Koulourakia, Kourambiedes, and Finikia. All were amazing, make sure you get enough to share and some for later. You know after everyone else is sleeping a little Baklava is what you need.

A delicate butter cookie


Here is a link to the menu for the 2014 festival, read it, know it, call in your order.

Greek Festival Menu


5 thoughts on “Greek Food Festival 2014

  1. I read your blog this morning and called around 1 pm with an order for chicken, lamb, gyros and desserts for the family. I just ate the chicken with manestra and it was delicious! Can’t wait to have the baklava later! Thanks so much for posting!

    1. Thank you Terri! This is a real treat to kick off the summer in Scranton. I just finished my Baklava, may go back for more before it ends on Saturday.

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