There’s a small Italian specialty shop in Scranton’s Westside that imports great Italian products. They have Italian stoneware for sale on the side in the back of the shop. Worth browsing if you are looking for some authentic pieces.We picked up a few serving platters and dishes made in Italy.

The place see heavy traffic around lunch time for their hoagies.

Italian hoagies in a pure form.
Hot or Mild, get a few of each.

Seriously heavy traffic. The hoagies are ready to go and easy to grab right by the register. The quick in-and-out and reasonable price makes Catalano’s a popular stop for any contractor working in the area. These hoagies are semi-famous, so good you will be sad you didn’t buy one more. A Catalano’s Italian hoagie is one of the best lunches in Scranton.

Catalano's Sausages
Housemade sausage is popular at Catalano’s. Some of the best in the city.

A true specialty shop, Catalano’s housemade Italian sausage is worth the trip. Stop in for the sausage, grab a hoagie to eat on the way home (no one needs to know about the hoagie). A perfect ingredient to any gathering of friends or family dinner. Catalano’s fresh made sausage hits the spot.

Go to Catalano’s in Scranton’s Westside, it might be the best thing you do that day.

Hard to find products from Italy, spend a few minutes browsing the shelves for fun finds.


















Onomahuna baby!

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