This blog is about fun local places to grab a good meal, catch up with old friends and enjoy your day.

www.Onomahuna.com is looking for your help! You should contribute.

I’ve started with some great places around Scranton Pennsylvania . Check them out if you are ever in the city.

Now I need your help. Everywhere in the world there are great places to experience. Fun, historic, real places that make people smile every day. Many of them have been in business for decades.

I need your help to expand the story to your corner of the world.

Do you know the places people miss when they move away? The places they need to visit when they come back? These are the places everyone should know about. It’s up to you to tell the story.

I’m looking for truly local restaurants and bars offering unique regional cuisine. I want to know their story. I want you to tell it.

Think you know a place like this? Email me to get the party started.

Send contribution requests to Onomahuna@gmail.com make the subject “I have a story”

Include in the email:

1. a link to your blog

2. a quick mention of the places you want to represent, name, city, state/region

Or fill in and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

There is a simple guide you need to read before submitting a story, check that out here.

Check out some posts if you need some more inspiration. Good examples: Viewmont DinerConey Island Texas LunchZaleski’s Clubhouse.

Good times,


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