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I’m looking for posts on classic, local food from where you live. What makes your lunch counters, restaurants, corner bars and diners unique? Highlight local flavors, trends and regional twists on food.

-Bloggers only please. Every blogger runs into the post they don’t write. This is the outlet for your “wish I was a foodie/travel/good times blogger” posts you decided against including in your blog. Do not write a review, this is not a review site. I promote classic, local, possibly historic eateries. Describe it, give it your blessings and praise. Tell the world why they should stop when they are in your town.

-Please give a short bio and links back to your blog. Promote yourself, your blog, your region. You should have a Gravatar. I will include you as an Author.

-Chains and franchises don’t qualify, there might be some exceptions, suggest one and we can decide what makes a chain a regional classic.

It is simple to find the local restaurant that has been in business for 50 years. These places have served great food while feeding generations. I want to bring them out from behind the noise of the corporate factory food most people eat. Please think about a great place, where friends meet and families enjoy meals together. The place you would take a famous foodie to give them a sense of local specialties, that’s what I am looking for.



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